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La factoria del mar
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Atención al cliente

About us

From the sea to your table. We select the best raw materials from the sea. We take care of them, we also protect them and we pamper them in order to turn them into the most exquisite materials which are able to satisfy the most demanding palates; to do that, we follow traditional conservation processes.

Over 25 years of experience supports us as producers of semi-conserves, salted, smoked and meat of supreme quality. Nowadays, the expansion of our facilities and the introduction of mechanized artisanal processes have allowed us to increase the production and improve the quality control, maintaining the traditional essence of our products.

Pampered by expert hands. The entire process, from fishing to packaging, is controlled by dedicated staff to ensure that all our products surprise because of the perfect balance between taste, texture, color and aroma. Only like this our customers can enjoy the most exclusive wealth from the sea.

A la carte products. As we know that all consumers have different preferences, our customers can select their preferences of the bouquet of smoked or proportion of salt as well as the moisture in canned conserves and salted fish. In addition, we also offer you the possibility to customize the package and the label of our products, we can do it with your corporate image, for example.